​After watching the video, answer the questions below as separate threads.

1. What is your reaction to the idea of provenance attributing to the value of an artwork?

2. Do you believe art should be bought because of its perceive financial value?

3. Which middle class New York family bought Picasso’s “The Dream” as well as other art works in the video, and why were the children forced to sell a bulk of the artwork after their mother’s death? (Two different answers required for this question)

4. Do you believe there were other options for the middle class family other than selling their parents art collection?

5. What is the term used when a stolen work of art is recovered to the rightful owners or family members?

6. What do you think makes Pablo Picasso such a valuable commodity in the art world?

7. Which art work was least worth the price paid in your opinion, and why do you feel this way?

8. Which of the highest sold works do you like and would you pay a large amount of money to own the work of art?

Here is a link to the video, copy and paste the link below:


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