2-page paper describing your mini portfolio

This assignment is a minimum 2-page paper describing your mini portfolio:

This paper will have 7 sections and each section has to have 7 parts (Photoshop images, photography images, logos, etc.…)

First find one theme for your portfolio: Ex; advertisement, photography, etc…

Describe the following:

Size: Height x Width

Color: Why did you choose a particular color combination

Sections: How many sections do you intend to have (7)

Audio: Pick a tune that you feel suit you and the portfolio

Video: Think about what your short video will represent

Pieces of work (7)

Animation: Think about techniques discussed in class. (using Adobe Animate CC 2018)

Also, be aware that you will be using buttons, movieClips, Fades, etc. (ways to create your portfolio using the using Adobe Animate CC 2018)


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