A project change management plan covers

1. A project change management plan covers which of the following areas:A – ScopeB – ScheduleC – BudgetD – All of the above2. The document that defines the project, and authorizes the initiation and execution of the project is the:A – Project PlanB – ScheduleC – Project CharterD – Issues Log3. All of the following are characteristics of a project except:defined time frameBudgetWell defined scopeWell Defined Stakeholders4. A project failed sometime after a change in Project Management because organizational resources promised to the project were mistakenly diverted to another project. What would have been the best way to give the new PM a “heads-up” to remind the organization that the resources were reserved:A – An assumption describing the arrangement in the Project PlanB – A verbal reminder from the old PM during project transitionC – Paper notes written by the old PM scotch-taped to the resourcesD – Asking someone on the project team to remember to tell the new PM5. Choose the incorrect statement about a Project Methodology in an organizationA – All affected groups must agree to follow the methodologyB – There could be competing methodologies in the same organizationC – A group that creates a methodology must get buy-in from all other groups to make the methodology a successD – An organization is more efficient with multiple project methodologies6. Choose the item that is NOT part of Project Control:A – Monitoring project progressB – Making project corrections to get back on trackC – Regular status reportsD- Creating a Project Plan7. All of the following are part of a project methodology except:A – Allowing stakeholders to change the methodology to add scope to the projectB – What to do in case of exceptions in any step of the methodologyC – Who is accountable for a particular step in the methodologyD – Exit criteria for a step in a methodology8. Choose the scenario where a well thought out Project Organization Chart would add no value as a Project Control Enabler:A – Involvement by all required groups in an organization leads to a better project plan where nothing is missedB – If the chart included stakeholders who had no interest in the project (for or against)C – Project staffing lends itself to organizational resource staffing analysisD – Project team members can see their roles, which allows the project team to avoid redundant task9. All of the following create opportunities for a project to go “off track” except:A- Organizational changes which impact project resourcesB – Self Interests of project stakeholdersC – Project team members in-attention to what is being completedD – Project Manager managing project stakeholders10. Choose the statement which best describes why Project Methodologies are Project Control Enablers:A – Creating a unique methodology for each new project promotes diversity in the organizationB – Using a standard project methodology promotes accelerated project startup and allows re-use of previous project plans and schedulesC – Updating project methodologies to correct them for “past sins” gives the new project team an un-fair advantage to be more successful than the previous project teamsD – A methodology is an organizational reminder that it requires too much organizational discipline to bother with.11. The following project sizes should have project control:A – Small Projects with a budget of a few thousand dollarsB – Large projects with many external vendorsC – All of theseD – Medium projects which involve only material purchases12. The real value of a change management plan towards maintaining project control is:A – It encourages project changeB – It provides a cumbersome process that discourages any form of changeC – It enables an efficient, repeatable change process that gets the project back on track as quick as possibleD – None of the above13. All of the following are reasons for project teams to be made up of members who perform project roles except:A – Project roles promote division of laborB – Project roles funnel the right attention to all project areasC – Project roles create an opportunity for the organization to train new project managersD – Project roles concentrate expertise within specific roles14. While monitoring the project progress, choose the item that the Project Manager is NOT looking for:A – Deliverable completionB – Scope CreepC – Issue ResolutionD – Vendor Invoices for project purchases15. The best justification for maintaining historical data as a project control enabler is:A- If a similar project in the past was successful, then repeating past practices will maximize the possibility of current project successB – It will save time during project startup because you have past project documentsC – It provides an audit trail to show that the past project failure was not the fault of the project teamD – It provides a record of past interactions with vendors16. Industry best practices suggest that the likelihood of project success increases when which of the following are implemented:A – Project Control EnablersB – Deputy Project ManagersC – Approved Project BudgetsD – Weekly status meetings17. An effective project plan is one that:A – Is in writingB – Defines that project elements that will be measured as part of the control functionC – Was developed by the people who know the work that is part of the projectD – All of the above18. The organizational desire to successfully use a PMIS must be preceded by all of the following except:A – Groups which need to provide inputs to the PMIS must agree to do this up frontB – Set up of systems which maintain PMIS dataC – Validation of PMIS data as accurate and meaningfulD – Making access to the PMIS difficult because it contains financial data19. The Project Charter is approved by:A – The Project ManagerB – The functional managers who provide the project team membersC – The Organization’s chief operating officerD – Management outside of the project (including the sponsor)20. A project whose performing organization was largely a 3rd party vendor went off-track early on over a disagreement which held up work for one month while the two parties tried to determine a process for resolving their disagreement. This could have been avoided if the contract had a:A – Severability ClauseB – Appendix describing every conceivable contract dispute that might have occurredC – Reference to previous legal proceedings which described similar circumstancesD – Dispute resolution process21. What PMIS accounting function makes it possible to reserve project money for the month(s) following a project purchase, so the invoice can be paid?A – InvoiceB – AccrualC – Purchase OrderD – Quote22. Stakeholder Analysis is NOT a valid Project Control enabler when:The Interests of the stakeholder might be threatened by the projectThe probability of success of the project depends on how much the project enhances the interests of the stakeholdersStakeholder analysis is only done at the start of the projectIt acknowledges that negatively impacted Stakeholders will resist the completion of the project23. The new PM on the project has noticed a discrepancy between the project schedule and the network chart on the dependencies between tasks on a project. What document could the PM use to resolve the differences?A – The work packages for the tasks in questionThe WBSThe PMISThe Project Charter24. All of the following are benchmarked in a Project Plan except:A – ScheduleB – ScopeC – Project team membersD – Budget25. Which of the following is a better project control tool than a Project Plan with milestones defined:A – Project schedule with milestones separated by sub-tasksB – Project schedule with resources assignedC – A network chartD – A Risk Management Plan26. Which Earned Value reporting rule would be suitable for tracking progress of digging a hole for the foundation of a large building?A – % CompleteB – MilestoneC – 0/100D – Level of Effort27. If a vacation was a project, and you purchase trip cancellation protection, this is an example of which type of Risk Response Planing category:AvoidanceTransferenceMitigationAcceptance28. Project Roles are a Project Control Enabler because:A – Individuals in project roles can provide early warning signs based on their “Role” point of view that a project is going off trackB – Responsibility over-laps between project roles create “dual coverage” opportunitiesC – Team members performing in their “roles” will usually not contradict a potential solution from another team member that conflicts with the interest of their area of expertise.D – They offer opportunities for individuals to perform multiple roles simultaneously, which reduces boredom of team members.29. The PM needs to decide to what level of granularity work packages should be defined, and then make sure what Project Control tool is aligned with this decision?A – Project ScheduleB – WBSC – Network ChartD – Project Plan30. Choose the correct statement comparing Analogous (Top Down) cost estimating methods to Bottom Up Cost EstimationA – Analogous estimation is slower to develop than Bottom UpB – Bottom Up estimation is more accurate than AnalogousC – Analogous is more costly than Bottom Up estimationD – Bottom Up estimation is less accurate than Analogous31. In a non-Earned Value progress monitoring environment, choose the incorrect statement:A – Schedule completion is monitored by “task % Complete”B – Scope completion is monitored by tracking completed deliverablesC – Staying within budget is monitored by checking the PMIS reportD – None of the above32. What characteristic of a non-Critical Path task makes it possible to delay the start of this task without affecting the duration of the Critical Path of the project?A – FloatB – Latest StartC – Earliest StartD – Duration33. Building 10 widgets instead of the planned 5 during a monitoring interval would be represented on the Earned Value report as a:A – Positive CVB – Negative CVC – Negative SVD – Positive SV34. A manufacturing organization has a project to outsource its packing and shipping department.The stakeholders are:A – The manager of the existing packing and shipping departmentB – The Vice President of the sales department, whose bonus is partially based on prompt deliveryC – The Production Line Foreman, whose annual performance goals include working efficiently with the packing and shipping organizationD – All of the above35. An “Out of Scope” section in the Project Plan is the best way to avoid:A- Project failure due to failed assumptionsB – Misunderstandings by the project clients at the end of the project as to what was or was not supposed to be part of the projectC – Budget over-runsD – Missed schedule milestones36. Choose the correct statement about Work Breakdown Structures:A WBS is one of several ways to ensure that all project work is includedA WBS is used to define the work in a project and the sequence the work is done inIf a Subject Matter Expert is not available for one of the areas the project touches on, it is OK for the PM to develop the WBS for this area.Every component of project scope needs a WBS element37. A good reason to have the stakeholders specifically named in the Project Charter is:A – They like to see their names in printB – Doing so is a Project Control enablerC – It accelerates stakeholder analysis (because analysis had to be done to find and identify the stakeholders)D – To share the blame if the project fails38. A good way to establish what is in scope and what is out of scope at the beginning of a project is to create a:A – Project Closing reportB – Requirements documentC – Project CharterD – Web Site for the project, and list the scope items39. A building project requires a large amount of plywood sheaving, and the price of this fluctuates greatly. There is an alternative material, which is harder to work with (and thus adds time to the project), but it is usually cheaper. The risk response plan for the possibility that plywood sheaving gets to expensive is to switch to the alternative material. The price point that causes the execution of the risk response plan is called the:Action eventTrigger EventRisk Response Start-Up IndicatorRisk Actuator40. The Project Manager sees a negative CV on an earned value report for a house building project. Which off the following conditions might explain negative variance?A – Rain delays caused the project start date to slipB – Breakdown of excavation equipment caused the builder to sub-contract the work.C – Labor strike that stopped work for a weekD – Apprentice plumber was able to do the work of a master plumber41. Monitoring project progress requires all of the following types of information except:A – Materials expendituresB – External labor chargesC – State of project content (scope)D – Project team time-off plans42. Over time, an organization accumulates which of the following based on its experiences with past projects:A – Historical DataB – LawsuitsC – Red InkD – Disgruntled project clients43. Identify the best tool for a new project manager on an existing project to quickly learn who is involved with the project:A – The Project PlanB – The Project CharterC – The Project Organization ChartD – The Project Stakeholder list44. Before a PM goes back to the stakeholders to request approval to proceed with a proposed solution to get a project back on track, the following should be done:A – Complete a change control process for the proposed solutionB – Re-baseline the scheduleC – Make sure that the performing organization can support the proposed solutionD – Update the Risk Management Plan45. When building a Microsoft Project schedule, which feature (if used for every task) allows the duration change of the first of 100 tasks to immediately show the change in duration of the entire project?A – Task PrecedenceB – Resource IdentificationC – Task NotesD – Task Description46. A project engagement with a 3rd party vendor failed because there was no clear definition of the roles of the vendor’s personnel on the project. Which of the following could have avoided this situation?A – Included heavy financial penalties in the contract for failure to performB – Included the Project Manager in the contract negotiation processC – Used a fixed-price contractD – Included a bonus if the work was done early47. A building project client comes to you (the PM) mid-way through a project, claiming that poor up front analysis has led to a large amount of interior finishing work being left out of the project plan. The client cannot change the delivery date, or the specifications for the building infrastructure (building material, dimensions, location, etc), and wants you to accept the change request. After analysis, you tell the client you would be happy to add the change, if the client will:A – Provide more funding, so the schedule can be “crashed”B – Agree that no more changes will occurC – Agree to a follow-on contract after the current contract is doneD – Agree to purchase the interior finishing materials48. What project management task must be done before the project schedule task precedence can be established?A – Activity DefinitionB – Activity SequencingC – Task DurationD – Task Indentification49. A new PM on a project wants to find out who the stakeholders are, and what their involvement is in the project, and what their responsibilities are. This can be found in the:Project PlanProject CharterRisk Management PlanChange Management Plan50. A new functional manager calls to tell the PM that someone from the functional team (when a previous functional manager was there) who had worked on the project is now gone. The PM indicates that an additional task is coming up for that functional group. Where can the PM reference to tell the functional manager what the knowledge and skill sets are for the work associated with this task?A – The Project planB – The Work package for the taskC – An email to the previous resource who leftD – The Risk management plan for this area of the project51. A project stakeholder has looked at the time estimates in the project work packages, and has expressed concern that these are based on a single guess for each task. What estimating method could the PM use to overcome the stakeholders concern?A – Delphi methodB – Expected TimeC – HistoricalD – Expert Judgement52. The plan which describes how events which could positively or negatively impact the success of a project will be identified and managed is called the:A- Risk Mitigation PlanB -Risk Ranking PlanC -Risk Management PlanD -Risk Reward Plan53. Three project risks have the following Risk Probability and Impact indicators (respectively)Risk 1 – .5, .4Risk 2 – .7, .3Risk 3 – .6, .3Which of these risks would require the most PM attention?A – Risk 2B – Risk 1C – Risk 3D – Risk 1 & 254. A new PM takes over a large project with a schedule only half done. A major stakeholder calls and needs a same day answer on if its possible to deploy equipment at a certain location in parallel with requirements gathering at another site. The PM may be able to answer this question by looking at the:A – Half done project scheduleB – Risk Management PlanC – Project ScheduleD – Activity Sequencing Chart55. A Milestone Task on a schedule has the following unique characteristicA – Zero day durationB – Task description of “Milestone Task”C – It is placed only at the start and end of the whole scheduleD – It is only placed at the start and end of phases between the start and end of the whole schedule56. Concerns about subjective task completion reporting and the disconnect between spending project money and actually getting project value would lead the Project Manager to choose which of the following project monitoring methods:A – Variance monitoringB – Earned Value AnalysisC – PMIS report analysisD – Weekly project status meetings57. Consider a large Pharmaceutical development project in flight. Choose the following response that is NOT one of Lewis’ responses to a project varianceA – The PM shuts down the project because of severe side effects during the clinical trialsB – The PM and the stakeholders continue the project even though the color of the capsules cannot be blue, which is the planned colorC – The PM skips an optional clinical trial phase to make up time lost during product developmentD – The PM is significantly behind schedule, and decides to let the project continue according to current schedule even though the stakeholders have approved extending the schedule.58. The best way for an organization to manage the change that will inevitably come up on a project is to:A – Fight it “tooth and nail”B – Allow any change to be accepted and incorporated into the projectCreate a change control process that is accepted by all stakeholders, approved by the senior leadership of the organization and used by all involved in the projectIgnore it and hope it goes awayThe process of going from a high level project goal, to a WBS, and ultimately to the tasks in the schedule, is called:A – DecompositionB – Task IdentificationC – Task SequencingD – Breakdown AnalysisUltimately, a task is placed on the schedule because:A – It has to be done, but not in any particular order or at a specific timeB – The Stakeholders voted, and a majority agreed it should be on the scheduleC – It must be tracked to completionD – All of the abovePick the statement that is false:A – Resource Leveling smoothes the transition between monthly labor man-hour totalsB – Most Organizations can easily shift people around, so resource leveling is not important.C – Ideally, there is a steady ramp-up in project staff at the beginning of the project, and the reverse at the end.D – After resource leveling a project, it is not unusual to have to seek additional project funds.A risk reduction mathematical methodology based on statistical analysis of the resulting value of a set of equations ( whose variables are altered many times) which models a real-work project environment is called:A – Monte Carlo SimulationsB – Zero Sum GameC – Laws of Diminishing ReturnsAlternate Outcome AnalysisWhich of the following questions might a stake-holder or a senior executive NOT ask during a review of a Decision Tree which is used for the basis of a project decision:What is the basis for the estimated income levels of the various project alternatives displayed on the decision tree?Can you show me the historical data used to base the probability of a particular decision choice?Can you reduce the number of decision nodes on the Decision Tree (so it is less confusing) ?.Given that the project is being done in multiple countries, how recent is the cost conversion data t o US Dollars?


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