ACCG 100 Riley opened Riley’s Graphic Designs on 1 Apr 2016.

Riley opened Riley’s Graphic Designs on 1 Apr 2016. During the first month of operations the following transactions occurred:Apr1Riley invested $100 000 cash in the business2Paid $1 000 cash for shop rent for the month of April3Purchased equipment for $25 000, paying $10 000 in cash and $15 000 on account/ on credit4Paid $12 000 for 1 year accident insurance policy10Received electricity bill for $400 from Energy Australia for the month of April15Performed services on account for $6 20020Riley withdrew $700 from the business22Received $5 000 from customers invoiced on 15th April25Received $10 000 from customer as a deposit to provide services in the future27Paid cash on balance owing for equipment purchased on 3rd April29Purchased supplies $13 000 on account/ on credit1. Journalise the April transactions 2. Open ledger accounts and post the April transactions 3. Prepare the trial balance at 30 April 2016


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