Apple Company Nature of The Competitive Forces Written Assignment

REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Word.APA Format.Running head.In-text citations.Title page.Abstract page.1 page operational overview of the company.(apple inc)Five Forces Template.Do the following for each Force.Identify 2-3 factors.Factors should be company-specific and not vague generalizations.Give a rating for each factor and an overall rating for the Force.½ page discussion of your analysis for the Force.Provide supporting evidence using information from the company annual report and online databases (see below).1-2 page Summary.What is the overall nature of the competitive forces facing your company?Which forces and factors should the company be most concerned about?Based on your analysis, identify 1 opportunity and 1 threat for your company.Works cited page.Minimum of 3 references.Most recent Company Annual Report.D&B Hoovers Database (Shapiro Library).Mergent Online (Shapiro Library).


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