Art 100. 6 pages PDF for this assuagement required

Assignment Description

Students will create a Course Content Page focusing on one chapter from the textbook.

This is an organic project, that will require and ask students to be creative in their application of the material in the course; specifically the textbook reading. In other words, the main “ask” to students is the question of “how would you choose to display, share and learn about the course content”?

Course Content Page

A Content Page would be the pages that each week I have in each Module that introduces you to the material. What I provide every week is a combination of images and general concepts learned in that chapter. It is not required to follow my format. It is required to present the chapter content by generally describing the concepts with examples. What that looks like is up to you.

Size Parameters

I would suggest that they do not exceed the size of what I provide each week in my “content pages”. It is not a requirement to include ALL of the chapters information, but to introduce us to the general “ideas” represented in that chapter (with some explanation); all the while emphasizing creative ways to share the information (videos, images, etc).

There is A LOT of flexibility with this assignment. Creativity is key.Requirements choose one chapter of your choice for your content pagesummarize the chapter information by including all of the followingChapter IntroductionImages of chapter examples, including sub-categories (if applicable, depending on the chapter)Description of imagesAlternative media, video links, etc.Resources, citations.a “content page” when created as a google slide/doc may be up to 6 pages in length. Use Chapter 13’s CONTENT PAGE as a measure of length. Links to an external site. upload your content page as a pdf documentSelf Assessment

Before submitting, be sure that your content page addresses all points below:is there an introduction to the materialare there images to describe the materialare the images good examples of the materialdid you provide alternative media, links, etc?did you meet the required length?is it something that you would want to receive as a “summary” of a chapter?


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