ART 100 Madonna and Child Oil Painting by Giovanni Bellini Analysis

View the instructions for the discussion here Discussion Mother and Child Form and Content.docx

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Attach your selected image with your discussion post.

Discussion: Compare and Contrast Form and ContentPurpose

To think critically, communicate and share out ideas about how we perceive meaning and find differences in works of art that share the same subject matter.Context and Process

The theme of Mother and Child is common to most world cultures, but the form and content within the theme changes. View the three examples from this theme below, then compare and contrast them in terms of the form and the content they reflect. Read the descriptions about each of the works to help you determine any differences but use your own words to describe the works. Be specific in your answers. Your descriptions should include: Subject matter: What does the work represent? Formal qualities of each work: What are the physical characteristics of each work? What style does each one reflect?What meaning do you get out of each work? What context is each work seen in? Think about historical and cultural narratives and differences. Do they make a difference in the content? Why?

Find a fourth image of this theme from the external links and include it in your discussion. Be sure to include your selected image and a link to your choice. Use proper citation for any source material you refer to. Here are links to the first three works:

Mother and Child sculpture from the Bamana culture of Africa

Mary Cassatt’s Maternal Caress

Michelangelo’s Pieta

Share your work and respond to at least one other student’s work in the module 6 discussion forum.


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