Art on Social and Political Issues

Topic : Discuss the ways that artists have used their art to comment on social or political issues, citing specific works in support of your selections. Comment on the reasons that you feel these artists have succeeded or failed in producing recognition or change through their art. Please follow these Guidelines: Use MLA or APA format for your documentation and paper formatting (use one or the other style, but be sure you use it correctly and consistently throughout your paper. Cite, quote and paraphrase ethically and correctly. No more than 15% of your paper may be made up of quoted material. Include examples of art works to support your analysis. If you would like to include images in your paper, they must be properly captioned and cited. Use the art elements and design principles vocabulary in your writing.

-1500 – 1800 words.

– Papers should be double-spaced and follow MLA documentation formatting and style.

– Cite 5 sources that support the topic of the paper.

– Include an introductory paragraph & thesis statement in the last line of your introduction paragraph


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