ART100 VCCS Art Discussion Benjamin West’s Death Of General Wolfe

1. Choose two of the art works below from your textbook. Benjamin West’s Death of General Wolfe on page 28, fig. 2.14.William Hartnett’s A Smoke Backstage on page 9, fig. 1.10.Georgia O’Keeffe’s Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. V on page 15, fig. 1.20.Berthe Morisot’s In A Villa at the Seaside on page 24, fig. 2.7.

2. Use this critique form to analyse the art work you chose.CRITIQUE SHEET blank.doc

See help and example below: CRITIQUE SHEET help.doc Student Example.pdf

3. Save the critique form in Word Doc

I don’t have the text book so you can search online to see the art based on the name I provided


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