arts history questions


Each comment you post must be on a different topic. Check the syllabus for the required number of posts per Unit. To achieve full credit, write in complete sentences, use correct spelling (your composition window contains a spell check function), and use words like “because” and “for example” as you provide clear reasoning and specific textual support in expressing your point of view. Relate your ideas or opinions to artworks you have studied. Some students add links to related sites or images that they think are relevant. If you reference an outside source be sure to cite it correctly (do not plagiarize).

1) Is the art world political?

Haacke, Baldessari and Beuys bring political concerns into their artworks and/or performances. How has the art world responded? Do you think their works have any impact beyond the art public?

2) Art or porn?

Is Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party pornographic? Where do we draw the line between art and porn?

3) In Paris in 2003 Yoko Ono held a second performance of Cut Piece. What was your response to reading about and watching the performance? Do you think you would participate if you were an audience member?

4) Has feminism changed?
In looking at the work produced by artists who consider themselves feminists, how do you think this movement has changed since its beginnings in the 1970s? Are you surprised by the Guerrilla Girls most recent ad?

ps: every question has to have at least 1 complete paragraph!


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