Atlantic Cape Community College Color & Line Used as Formal Elements Paper

Writing to Learn About Art:
How COLOR AND LINE are Utilized as Formal Elements

The ability to recognize, on your own, the various ways in which color and lines are employed, is important to your developing an appreciation of art because all of the formal elements, color and lines are among the most versatile, the most personal, and, in many ways the most informative. How these two elements are used can tell you a lot about what the artist hopes to convey to you, the audience.

Go to a virtual gallery (and there is a list of them below) and select a work of art. (Once again be sure to provide me with the artist, title and the specific Website and its address you have used.) THE WORK YOU PICK MUST HAVE A VARIETY OF COLORS AND CANNOT BE JUST THE LACK OF COLORS MEANING: BLACK, WHITE AND GRAY (ACHROMATIC – NO COLOR)!

After you provide the Web link of the work of art you are writing about AND the title of the artwork and the artist’s name: List the types of lines, where you see them, their qualities and the effects they create. Use terms from the book and the tutorial provided here in LP2. List the color names and their respective types and what color relationships (qualities) you see in your work of art and the effects the colors create. (Do not simply list color names. That does not relate them to terms in any way.) Use terms from the book and the tutorial provided here in LP2. Last – how do the colors and lines affect the way you emotionally react to the work of art (your  content reaction; how it makes you feel)? 

Your interpretation of color and line of your chosen artwork should be at least 3 THREE well worded and thought out paragraphs.  Your analysis of the use of color and line must include terms, examples and be very, very thorough to get all of the points.

Please provide a link to the virtual gallery so I can see the subject of your essay!

See the Scoring Guide below for how this assignment will be scored. 

Some possible sites to consider: Philadelphia Museum of Art – Philadelphia’s pride on the hill full of an astounding collection of paintings, sculptures and MORE! A must see – a great day trip! Frick Museum – a small but powerful collection of masterpieces from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. (If you ever have a chance visit this museum!) Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts – the oldest and finest academic art school and museum Mark Harden’s Artchive – virtual art museum with galleries of Masters’ works, theory and criticism, art cd-rom reviews and art links (which are just terrific). Metropolitan Museum of Art – virtual collection of New York’s finest and most comprehensive collection of art from all eras. Olga’s Gallery of Art – hands down the finest collection of art images that are large once you click on the thumbnail. World Wide Art Resources -offers the definitive, interactive gateway to all exemplars of qualitative arts information and culture on the Internet. Artists, museums, galleries, art history, arts education, antiques, performing arts ranging from dance to opera Washington’s National Gallery of Art -the online database of the country’s premier art collection and when the class is over, considering taking a day trip as the National Galleries are FREE!

A REMINDER: A paragraph is AT LEAST a topic sentence and 4 supportive sentences. Scoring Guide for Assignment 4 Assignment #4
Writing To Learn #1: Line and Color Artist, title, Web site provided (Up to 3 points) Link to art work provided (Up to 3 points) Line Analysis: Identify using terminology (Up to 15 points) Color Analysis: Identify using terminology including and naming color relationships (Up to 15 points) Emotional (Content) Reaction (Up to 4 points) Mechanics/Organization: 3 paragraph minimum (A paragraph is 1 topic sentence and 4-5 or more supportive sentences.) (Up to 5 points) Spelling and Grammar (Up to 5 points) Total: Up to 50 points.


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