City College of San Francisco Ceramics Safa Hosseini Paper

1. Please give a biographical background of the artist, Safa Hosseini. Please include where she live, where she went to school, and any mentors she discuss.

2. Please choose several individual art pieces from a publication or from her website to review. Please review as many art works as necessary to write a 1 to 2 page paper.

3. What materials were used to create the art works? Did she mention what type of clay she use?

4. How do you think the piece was created? How was the art presented?

5. Is there a historical significance? Please offer your personal opinion of the work.

6. Please include 1 image of her work with your paper.

Library research is recommended and internet sources are permitted. Each paper must follow a general format of 1” margins and size 11 point font, double- spaced.


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