Color Analysis(please use the author that I write below, and there are some example of other students’ work:))

For your Final Project, you will create a Color Analysis of a subject of your choice. The subject must be a design that appears as a series or has multiple images. Examples of possible subjects include an ad campaign, an editorial spread in a magazine, a series of store windows, or a fashion collection.

For your Color Analysis, you will simply examine your chosen subject and describe what you see. Your analysis must focus on dissecting and analyzing the images through the color concepts you have learned. You must use the terminology that you have acquired throughout this course. The focus should be strictly on Color Analysis.

Your analysis should include discussion of the following concepts:(my theme is woman and flower please chose 10 of pictures like last two picture from author: Paul Antoine de la Boulaye,emile vernon)please write as you can as possible to following those below for each picture.:)

Color Proportions: Create a Color Bar Graph to go with your analysis.

Color Schemes Used: What schemes are used (primary, secondary, tertiary, full spectrum, complementary, split-complementary, monochromatic, analogous, a combination)? What are the actual colors in this scheme(s)? Are these colors saturated, desaturated, tinted, or muted, and how is this achieved? Talk about VST and how it is used. Are there dominant and accent colors present?

Color Harmonies: Optical mixing, simultaneous contrast

Color Principles: Discuss how and what kind of color balance is achieved (symmetrical, asymmetrical, anti-symmetrical, formal). Discuss emphasis, focal point, movement, and rhythm. How are these achieved through the use of color?

Light and Shadow, Local Color, Lighting Effects: Describe what is used and its effects in your series.

Message of Color: What is communicated through the use of color? What response is looking to be achieved?

To start, find examples of designs that excite you and that you will be able to discuss in your analysis. Your subject must include at least a series of three and cannot be black and white.


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