COLT Thinking Through Images

1. Schnitzer Museum: Find an art object at the Schnitzen Museum (picture attached) . In no fewer than 150 words, describe it in detail, and then in no fewer than 350 words, relate it to something we have read our discussed in class: Barthes, Eisenstein, Bazin, Mulvey, etc (google them and you will find the sources) . If you can include a photo along with your post, please do so.

2. Shot Analysis: Find a clip from a film you admire, and in no fewer than 500 words, describe the shot in detail and expand upon the implications of this specific shot in the film. What appeals to you about it? How does it relate to something we have read in class. Please make sure to include the clip (via youtube or vimeo) along with your post.

3. Film Review: Find a review of a film you have seen and post a link to the review. Then, in no fewer than 500 words, please engage with the reviewer’s understanding of the film. Do you agree with how the film is discussed? Is there a scene or shot that struck you as meaningful in the film that would have you differ from the reviewer’s reading of it?


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