Complete Media Kit (SNHU)

Milestone One: Media Kit Development

In 4-3 Media Kit Development, you will submit the media kit, which includes the development of the following components:

(1) News release: This letter should promote the retailer’s grand reopening as well as the upcoming fashion show event. The press release should also include the University Boutique’s logo (clipart is acceptable for logo creation) and business slogan, which you will develop. Use the template below for your news release to ensure the correct format.

(2) Fashion show invitation: The retailer’s name, logo, and slogan should appear on the invitation (Microsoft Publisher should be used to develop the invitation). In addition, the invitation should include the date, time, and location of the event, and be creatively presented. This event must take place at some point during the three-month period designated.

(3) Print advertisement: This advertisement should promote the University Boutique’s grand reopening only, NOT the fashion show. In the advertisement identify when the reopening will occur (July, August, or September). Be sure your print advertisement includes all the components of an advertisement (discussed in Module Two).

(4) One- to two-page summary: In this summary you should explain your rationale for the choices you have made and discuss why you believe the publicity pieces you have created will effectively promote the University Boutique. In addition, explain your decisions regarding the retailer’s slogan, logo, color scheme of publicity pieces, and font style


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