Confucious and Mao

Confucius was a revered figure in Chinese culture until the mid-twentieth century when the Communist Party led by Mao Zedong took over the government. Review news articles and other sources — no, enotes, or schmoop — find one that discusses Confucius and Mao. Share this with your class. Give a summary of the most interesting points of the article in one paragraph and then give your analysis or response in the second paragraph. Cite your source in the text and create a full cite at the end of your post. Be sure to use proper MLA format. Since the 80’s Confucius has been “rehabilitated” which means that his reputation and ideas have become valued and respected again. To find sources you will be looking for information about the period between 1950 until the late 70’s. 100 – 150 words. Review at least three of your classmates’ posts. Do not worry if it turns out that you have found the same source as someone else.


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