Cuyamaca Zoos Are Good & Animal Research Unethical Unnecessary Articles Essays

3-4 pages, No need for work cite page.

Analyze the assigned article. Your goal in this essay is to write a focused analysis that argues for how the author uses specific persuasive strategies to produce an effective (or not effective) argument. Your essay should:Introduce and provide a brief summary of the article’s argument, including the major claim and intended audience; Thesis statement shows that the article is effective because the author used the strategies, ethos, pathos, logos, or what you will found when you read the article.Identify two persuasive strategies the author uses to support his or her argument and analyze how those strategies might persuade the reader to support the argument.NOTE : Fellow this order for each body paragraph 3 body paragraphs: Topic sentence–introduce the quote and who say it–quote–cite the quote– paragraph’s number–explain how the quote—conclusion sentence show how the quote matches your topic sentence. Discuss the assumption(s) on which the argument is based.Evaluate the extent to which the article’s intended audience would find the argument convincing.

*** Be sure to follow these directions carefully, rather than simply agreeing or disagreeing with the article or writing an extensive summary of the article


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