ECON2030 INTERMEDIATE MACROECONOMICSFALL-2016 ?TAKE-HOME EXAM-1ASSIGNED ON 10/04/2016 ?DUE ON 10/10/2016_______________________________________________________________________INSTRUCTIONS : S HOW YOUR WORK! DO NOT W RITE DOWN THE FINAL RESULTAND/OR A GENERAL STATEMENT ONLY! S HOW EV ERY STEP OF YOUR ANSWER ANDEXPLAIN YOUR CONCLUSION ! DO NOT ASSUME THAT I WILL FIGURE OUT HOW YOUREACHED Y OUR CONCLUSION. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE DOW N THE IDENTITIESAND/OR EQUATIONS THAT ARE NECESSARY FOR SOLUTION. IF NECESSARY, W ORKON THE QUESTIONS IN A SCRAP PAPER FIRST AND THEN SUBMIT YOUR ORGANIZED,CLEAR, AND FINAL (TYPED) ANSWERS!________________________________________________________________________(30 points) Suppose that we have a closed economy. Initially, our economy is atequilibrium at point (E 0) as depicted in the following figure. Answer the following questionsbased only on the information provided in each step and what you learned from Chapter 3in your textbook.Demand, Z & Production Y(in trillions)Production, Y (slope=1)E1Demand, ZZ =C+I+GE0Y e=$13Y f=$14.13Income, Y (in trillions)(a) Suppose that the actual level of output ( ) is $13 trillion whereas the goal or the fullemployment level of national income (Y f) is $14.13 trillion. In addition, assume that = ?.Now suppose that an economist calculated that $416 billion worth autonomous spendingcan take the economy from its current level (i.e., $13 trillion) to the full-employment level of1output (Y f =$14.13 trillion). Based on this information, calculate the value of the multiplierin this economy and explain its meaning in your own words. (Hint: Note that you do not have toknow the specific form of the functions at this stage. Based on equilibrium condition in the product market,use the relationship between spending and national income through the multiplier).(b) Suppose that consumption and tax functions have the following form: = 0 + 1 ( ?), and = 0 + 1 . In addition, assume that = .? If average marginal tax rate is 25percent, calculate the value of marginal propensity to consume and explain its meaning inyour own words. (Hint: Start from equilibrium condition in the product market and drive the mul tiplier).(c) Now, suppose that the tax rate is set to 6.25 percent and the marginal propensity toconsume stays at the same level in part (c), calculate the value the multiplier and amount ofnecessary spending to take the economy from its current level ($13 trillion) to the fullemployment level ( = $14.13 ). How would you explain the difference between thefigure you find here and the figure in part (a)?(d) Finally, suppose we are at the initial, actual level of output, = $13trillion, and havethe following information: 0 = $1; 1 = 0.0625; 0 = $0.2; = $1.3 (in trillions). Basedon this information, find the level of government expenditures (G). (Hint: For the mpc use thevalue you found in part (b)).(e) Using the information in part (d), find the amount of private and public saving and showthat the sum is equal to private investment spending, and draw the equilibrium point in thesaving-investment graph. (Hint: Use the investment-saving identity and private saving function. Do notforget to label the axis and important intersection points in the graph).(f) Given the results in part (e), which one of the following economic policies would yousuggest to reach the full employment level: policies that encourage households to save moreor use of expansionary fiscal policy? Why?


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