Describe how an object’s paths of motion differ

On the post-quiz, discussion forum, and lab summary report by the end of Week 2, students will …Frame of Reference*Objective 2-1 Describe how an object’s paths of motion differ in different frames of reference.__________________________________________________________________________________________Speed*Objective 2-2 Distinguish among the relationships (direct or inverse) of distance, time, and speeda. Distance & time at constant speed ____________________________________________________________b. Distance & speed at constant time ____________________________________________________________c. Speed & time at constant distance ____________________________________________________________*Objective 2-3 Describe how speed is different from velocitya. Speed __________________________________________________________________________________b. Velocity ________________________________________________________________________________*Objective 2-4 Identify the shape of a distance vs. time graph that shows constant speed and describe how slope shows relative speeda. Constant velocity graph ____________________________________________________________________b. Describe the slope of a fast velocity graph line __________________________________________________c. Describe the slope of a slow velocity graph line _________________________________________________Acceleration*Objective 2-5 Define acceleration and describe the types of accelerationa. Acceleration _____________________________________________________________________________b. 3 types of acceleration ________________________ ________________________ ________________________*Objective 2-6 Identify the shape of total distance vs. time graphs that show speeding up and slowing downa. Speeding up graph ________________________________________________________________________b. Slowing down graph ______________________________________________________________________Newton’s 1st Law of Motion*Objective 2-7 State Newton’s 1st Law of Motion, define inertia, describe what it depends on, and how it is observed in a cara. First Law of Motion_______________________________________________________________________b. Inertia __________________________________________________________________________________c. Inertia depends on ________________________________________________________________________d. How inertia of objects inside a car is observed __________________________________________________*Objective 2-8 Define equilibrium and describe the behavior of an object in equilibriuma. Equilibrium _____________________________________________________________________________b. Behavior of object in equilibrium ____________________________________________________________Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion*Objective 2-9 State Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion and describe the relationships (direct or inverse) among net force, acceleration, and massa. 2nd law of motion _________________________________________________________________________b. Relationship between net force & acceleration with constant mass __________________________________c. Relationship between net force & mass at constant acceleration ____________________________________d. Acceleration & mass with constant net force ______________________________________ _____________Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion*Objective 2-10 State Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion and describe applications of the lawa. 3rd law of motion _________________________________________________________________________b. Applications of 3rd law of motion ____________________________________________________________


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