discussion about deadpool

Explore/discuss a specific example or two from Deadpool where Deadpool/Wade Wilson “breaks the fourth wall” (that is, he addresses the audience, which also calls attention to himself as a fictional character), and to what effect? Put another way: how, when, and why does Deadpool use this particular narrative strategy? Again, try to use specific example moments from the film, but you may certainly comment generally on the implications of this strategy as well. (This prompt is a bit more open—the ones that follow will narrow to some more specifics about narrative strategy.)

These responses are your own interpretations and should be in your own voice—and only use sources already provided in the course. Responses do not necessarily need to “answer” every part of the selected prompt; rather, use the prompt to generate your response and take a direction for discussion. Posts must be thoughtful, organized, and critically pointed toward the prompt, offering a reading of a specific detail, scene, or idea in the film/question—that is, go beyond basic summary or overview: the scope should reflect the kinds of ideas you might use in a supporting paragraph in a longer essay.

500-600 words


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