Discussion and ted talk

11.10 Discussion Board: Homo Sapiens

When we think of modern humans we often think of specific physical features along with cultural and linguistic attributes that define us. There are many things that we were not able to cover in this class that relate to our species. For this discussion board I would like you to look for a news article that specifically dealt with the prehistory of Homo sapiens. Your goal is to look for a news article that introduced a new discovery and for you to share it with the class.

You will receive points for the following items:Give a short summary of the news article.Briefly explain what the discovery was about.Cite your news article.

This is separate part

You will have to do the following for points: you only have to do 1 ted talk and give a summary about the videoGive me a summary of what was discussed.Tell me how it relates to the class.It will be worth 3 points.

https://www.ted.com/talks/spencer_wells_is_building_a_family_tree_for_all_humanity/up-next (Links to an external site.)

https://www.ted.com/talks/yuval_noah_harari_what_explains_the_rise_of_humans (Links to an external site.)

If confused and have questions please ask me I will explain


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