Novel: The power, by Naomi Alderman

Length: 4 – 6 pages, MLA format, size 12, Times New Roman, double – spaced

Prompt Choices (CHOOSE ONE ):

2. In what ways does the novel reflect modern society?

3. Choose 1 of our characters. Ask a critical question about your character’s journey and answer it in a 4 – 6 – page essay.

4. What is Alderman’s argument in her book? Does she suc ceed in convincing her reader of her argument? Why or why not?

5. Why does Alderman choose to end her novel the way she does? What is your interpretation of the ending?

6. What do you think happens after the ending ?

7. What is the significance of what Darrel did to Roxy ?

8. What is the nature of Roxy and Tunde’s relationship? Why does Alderman choose to portray their relationship in way? Will they last after the ending ?

9. In your opinion, is Allie/Mother Eve a morally – sound character? Discuss some of her actions and explain your reasoning.

10. What is the voice?

11. Are religious paradigms still relevant post – cataclysm?

12. How are the non – gender – conforming people affected by the power? Who has the skein in these scenarios?

13. Why does Alderman use sexual violence in the novel?


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