Ethics of Marketing – Marketing professionals face ethical

Topic: Ethics of MarketingMarketing professionals face ethical questions with each new productor service they encounter. This is especially true for those whoseChristian worldview may seem unfamilir, or even antagonistic, to thesecular marketplace. For this assignment, you are to research andanalyze the ethical issues involved in a market that poses such ethicalchallenges.In Chapter 3 of Ethical and Legal Issues in Marketing, Kotler’s article"Wrestling with Ethics: Is Marketing Ethics an Oxymoron" explores anumber of product areas that present ethical issues. Although thearticle was written in 2004, these issues and others are still current intoday’s marketplace.For this piece, focus on the topic below:-Sex in advertising or sexually explicit productsProvide critical analysis of (1) the ethical issues for the consumer andsociety, (2) the ethical issues for a Christian marketing professional,and (3) whether and to what extent a Christian should participate insuch a marketing effort.Your thread must be at least 1,000 words


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