Final Exam-Center for Development-HRM 506-Discuss the unique relationship between

Final Exam: Lesson 15(200 points) Pick four of the seven topics below and develop a two to three page response. Each essay must be a minimum of 200 words cited with references.Discuss the unique relationship between the security professional and organizational ethics.Discuss the implications of the future of social media on HRM.Choose one or two of the aspects of performance management that frustrate employees, and discuss how management and leadership practices can overcome those frustrations.Define the terms “climate” and “culture” as they relate to HRM. Of the two, which is more important and why?Managers and leaders in DoD must be familiar with the four core security disciplines. Which do you believe is the most important discipline in the context of HRM and why?What is the greatest performance appraisal challenge for managers? Defend your answer.What is the most important component of human capital management planning, and why?


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