Final Research Project: Project Description and Scoring Guide

Final Research Project: Project Description and Scoring GuideOverviewYou have been asked by the executive committee of your company to research a technology that addresses a specific business issue within your company and to write a report on the technology solution for the executive management team, giving the strategic implications of the information technology solution on your business for the next three years. The executive committee has identified a number of potential research topics (not intended to be all inclusive) that include:· The Internet· E-Business· Extranets· E-commerce· Web Site Development· Webmasters· Social Networking· IS Management· Outsourcing· Reengineering· Downsizing· Value Chains· Systems Integrators· Corporate Applications· Executive Support Systems· Expert Systems and Intelligent Techniques· Decision Support Systems· Transaction Processing Systems· Knowledge Management Systems· Group Collaboration Systems· Intranets· Telecommunications and Networks· Client/Server Processing· Local Area Networks· Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing· Internet2· Internet Search Engines· Wireless Applications· Virtual Private Networks· IS Acquisitions· Cost Justification· Systems Development Life Cycle· Prototyping· Weighted Criteria Analysis· Companies· Microsoft· IBM· Oracle-People Soft· Google· SAP AG· Mergers & Acquisitions· Miscellaneous· Computer Ethics· Virtual Reality· Multimedia· Telecommuting· Data Security· International Issues· Computer Based Learning· Technology· Multicore processors· Virtualization· Wireless Handhelds· On-Demand Computing· Open Source Software· Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture· End User Software/Applications· Databases· Data Mining· Enterprise Applications· Project Management


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