For each of the periods, you will select one item to include in your museum.

Web Museum

You will develop a Web Museum using the textbook and outside resources to locate items on the Internet in online museums and libraries.

Textbook: Janson’s History of Art 8th edition

For each of the periods listed you will select one item to include in your museum (THERE ARE 12 TOTAL PERIODS). Each item should be a piece of visual art. Each piece should give museum visitors a good understanding of the civilization or culture of the appropriate time period. The references and links you provide will allow visitors to view the items.

A final document will include a description of each museum piece (100-word paragraphs in your own words for each piece), the Internet location, a visual image of the work, and the reference(s), using APA or MLA formatting.

Periods:Baroque in Italy and Spain – choose one workBaroque in the NetherlandsBaroque in France and England – choose one workRococoThe EnlightenmentRomanticismThe Age of Positivism (Realism, Impressionism, and the Pre-Raphaelites) – choose one workThe “Discontents” (Post Impressionism, Symbolism, and Art Nouveau) – choose one workAbstractionArt of the “War” periods – choose one workPost World War II periods – choose one workThe Post Modern Era – choose one work


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