GEB4890 NSU Johnson & Johnson Corporate Level Strategy Paper

Read the Business Week article on Johnson & Johnson (posted in the Business Week Articles Module in Canvas):

(1) Identify and describe the various aspects of Johnson & Johnson’s corporate level strategy.

(2) Identify and describe Johnson & Johnson’s corporate level core competencies. How do they support Johnson & Johnson’s corporate level strategy?

(3) What was most interesting about the content of the article? Explain.

Each assignment should be approximately 500 words in length and will require the application of course material. All assignments must be submitted through Canvas as a Word document by the assigned due date and time using Turnitin which is a plagiarism detection tool. The assignments will be graded using the following three criteria: actual content, effort, and whether or not instructions were followed. Having said this they will mostly be graded on effort and part of effort is reading the chapter the assignment is based on and applying the appropriate chapter material to your answers.


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