Glendale Community College Alfred Hitchcock Cinematic Vision Essay

The ‘auteur’ is a visionary filmmaker (or other artist) who’s world view is brought to life through their technical skill and stylistic approach to cinema.

First, read Andrew Sarris’s Notes on the Auteur.

Then, choose a filmmaker who you consider to be an auteur. After exploring their body of work, choose a minimum of two of their films to discuss close-up in a 1000 word minimum (4 pages double-spaced) exploration of your filmmaker’s distinct style.

1) Must be a minimum of 1000 words (approx. 4 pages double spaced—I will be checking the word count so don’t skimp on words)

2) Must discuss a minimum of 2 films by the auteur you chose

3) There should be a minimum of 2 scenes discussed in detail

4) Your thesis statement should be an assertion or claim you are making about your director

5) The following body paragraphs compare/contrast the films you’ve chosen and they all support your thesis statement in an organized manner. All body paragraphs should work together to prove the strength of your thesis claim.

6) Incorporate background research on the personality/style of your auteur using interviews and biographical or autobiographical texts to support your claim about your auteur.

Note: Wikipedia is not a trusted resource. Use books, periodicals, interviews and essays for your research.

7) Please cite your source(s) using MLA format:

MLA Formatting Guide (Links to an external site.)

* For full credit, please look over the rubric to make sure you have completed all requirements


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