Grossmont Cuyamaca Coronavirus Epidemic 2020 Conspiracy Theories HW

“In 8 pages, compose an M.L.A. style essay that examines, explains, and refutes the conspiratorial mindset behind a specific conspiracy theory that falls in one or more of the following categories:

‣ Secret Societies and Inner Sanctum Conspiracies (e.g., Freemasons; Scientologists; etc.)

‣ Medical Cover-ups / Conspiracies (the government’s manufacturing of AIDS/HIV; secret government medical experiments; etc.)

‣ Science Conspiracies and Hoaxes (e.g., moon landing hoax; aliens; the conspiracy of global warming being a hoax; etc.)

‣ Scandal Conspiracies (e.g., 9-11 perpetrators; Jack the Ripper’s royal identity; Pope Joan.)

‣ Forensic Conspiracies (“single bullet” theorists; Boston Marathon bombing; World Trade Center; etc.)

‣ Prophecy Conspiracies: (e.g., predictions or concealments of coming plagues; killer solar flares; asteroid impacts; etc.; the return of planet Nibiru; Raptures and Tribulations; Celestine Prophecy; apocalyptic zombie plagues; etc.

Your essay should attempt to refute the conspiratorial thinking behind a specific conspiracy theory, rather than get bogged down in the minutia of what’s factual and probable. Keep this as the central question you answer in the essay: “Why do people invest themselves psychologically, emotionally, culturally, and/or socially in this particular conspiracy theory?” Fake facts, trust issues, propaganda, confirmation bias, etc. “


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