Grossmont Cuyamaca District Jill Boniske Political Artist Discussion

This week’s discussion board will be the final one for this course, and the instructions are simple. Choose an artist that is discussed in this week’s reading (pp. 558-586), or, if you prefer, next week’s reading (pp. 587-628). Research a work of art (or series) by this artist that is not mentioned in your textbook. Present this work to the class in your post and please include an image. Respond thoughtfully to two other students. Additional comments may receive extra credit if they contribute significantly to the discussion.

The following questions should be familiar to you from the essay assignment and previous discussion forum prompts. They are meant to help you get started, and in general would be helpful to consider when you are looking at a work of contemporary art. If a question is not relevant, please ignore it. Do not write your post by listing answers! You do not need to answer each question, but you do need to identify your subject and briefly discuss it in terms of form, process, and meaning.


Do the medium or materials used have special significance? What is the scale of the work — why is this important? What are its formal elements (line, color, form, composition, etc.)? Please note that some conceptual work does not have a “form” except in the mind of the viewer.


What techniques did the artist use to execute the work? Is the piece time based or site specific? Is the process used to create the piece related to its meaning? Does the work involve performance? When and where was it shown?


Does the work of art have a specific message? Is it trying to provoke a response from the viewer? How does the artist communicate their idea? Are they successful? What does it mean to YOU? Many of the artists in this week’s reading explore political issues such as race, gender, or economic inequality. What issue do they address in the piece?

If you can’t find specific information about the piece you’ve chosen, interpret it using your powers of observation (and remember, the title may provide a clue).

Extra Credit:

For 5 points extra credit, write an additional paragraph and link to a news article that relates to one of the following questions:How have critics responded to the work of this artist? Find a review.If the work is political, has it caused controversy?If the artist is still living, what is their most recent project? Can you relate it to the work of art you chose to write about?If the artist is deceased, how and when did they die? What is their legacy — has their work been recently exhibited?


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