Help with citation and improve argument

Help me with a few problems, some of them significant:

feedback from teacher

– You don’t cite anywhere nearly enough, nor do you do so properly (I want to see the page numbers you are referring to). At certain points, you have just copied and pasted off the internet, which is plagiarism (“The architecture of Greek was chiefly based on the post-and-beam system alongside columns that carried loads” is pretty much lifted from

– You still haven’t incorporated enough scholarly sources (at least 5). I told you where to find those when you submitted your first draft.

– Your writing is often unclear—get someone to look over your paper with you, as I recommended with your first draft.

– I still don’t understand why classical architecture helps you convey the message that architecture is wedded to capital. You can certainly argue that, but you need to do a better job there.

– you need to cite whenever you are using another persons’ ideas. Chicago format is fine, but all I really care about is that you tell me the name of the author, the name of the text, and the page number you are quoting from.


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