HIM 3304 Rasmussen College Module 11 Budget Preparations and Analysis

As the HIM department director, a typical task is completing a proposed budget for the next fiscal year, which runs from January to December, for your department. Tools provided include the budget from the current year (labeled as FY:A72), which contains three workbooks: Current Expenses, Salary Worksheet and Monthly Expenses. Please label the Proposed budget that you create as FY:B83. To complete the proposed budget for the upcoming year, you will use provided budget FY:A72 and the budget projections for future costs for FY:B83 which are detailed in Part A (see below).

There are two parts to this budget assignment and the assignment will be completed over two modules – please put the necessary time into the assignment and expect to be challenged by it.


Use your course textbook to obtain a clear understanding of the budgeting process and know that this assignment asks that you ‘forecast’ a budget for the UPCOMING year – next year. This is a forecast of the money your department will spend in the upcoming year. Categories listed in the budget are referred to as ‘subaccounts’, for example you will note that there are subaccounts for salary, supplies and education.

SUBMISSIONCreate and include an Excel spreadsheet for your FY:B83 budget for the upcoming year. Include 4 worksheet tabs for your proposed budget. Worksheets include:Proposed Budget Expenses, Proposed Salary Worksheet and Proposed Monthly Expenses.Create and include the AAM worksheet described in PART:ACreate and include a Variance Report table for FY:B83 using the Variance Report instructions found in PART:B of this assignment.


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