Houston Community The Ring of Nibelung by Richard Wagner Composer Essay

choose one composer and work.

– brief biography of the composer- relationship with other composers- composer’s famous works (other than the research project)- background information about the work- style, genre, force(instruments used), public, society etc…- significance, influence, contribution of the work

– needs to be cited

-800 words or more

Sample Topics

J. Haydn “London Symphony”
S. Bach “Well-tempered Clavier”
A. Mozart “Cosi fan tutte”
v. Beethoven “Eroica symphony”
Schubert “die Schöne Müllerin”
Brahms “German Requiem”
Mendelssohn “Elijah”
Liszt “grand etudes”
Puccini “Tosca” or “la Boheme”
Wagner “the Ring of Nibelung”


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