HRA 545-The current minimum federal wage is currently

You are required to complete a two-page paper in response to the questions below. The current minimum federal wage is currently a hot topic for debate. Some advocate for a major increase in the current federal minimum, some advocate for making no change, and a few advocate for eliminating the federal minimum wage entirely. What is your position on this issue? Remembering that any municipality, township, city, county, or state can legislate a minimum wage of its own in excess of the federal minimum, but not below, is the local approach the best, or are there problems with this approach? Should there exist differing and lower minimum wages for persons in service jobs that customarily receive tips?You should state your position and support it with a minimum of three external sources. Your paper must conform to APA style and formatting guidelines.Must include a title page, abstract and conclusion and references on separate page w/ hanging indent


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