I am Mohammad Mahdi Al yousif, and my age is 32 years

My resume:I am Mohammad Mahdi Al yousif, and my age is 32 years. I am from Saihat City in East Saudi Arabia. The email, I use .com”>md_nada2010@hotmail.com, and I have two mobile phon. In addition, I have two driver license from different country, and I have a good education from Dammam College. My major is marketing, and I have certificate of good conduct and character while studying at high school and Dammam College. I have experience in bank Saudi British because I worked customer service four years there. Moreover, I had been working one year in the supermarket. Furthermore, I had working salesman with my uncle. In addition, I have been studying English Language almost four years, and I have certificate from ALCI Institut and from Butte College. I have family from four persons.Cover letter:I want to work in same my major in my country because there are many different banks there. In addition, I studed Accounting, Math, and Econmec in my area.Thank you letter


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