Interpret the Role of Ethics in Business

Entine and Jennings (Case 3.3, p. 104) note that there are eight questions that should be answered about a company to determine the character of its soul:Does the company comply with the law?Does the company have a sense of propriety?How honestly do product claims match with reality?How forthcoming is the company with information?How does the company treat its employees?How does the company handle third-party ethics issues?How charitable is the company?How does the company react when faced with negative disclosures?Develop a blog aimed at assessing corporate social responsibility. Be sure to address the following:Contrast the Entine and Jennings’ views with those of Friedman and Freeman, found within your text.What is the difference between Entine and Jennings’ eight questions and traditional measures of social responsibility?Would the model mean that Fannie Mae could be labeled an “honest” company? Why or why not


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