interview on calling paper

tudents will submit a 500 to 650-word paper about a classmate’s sense of calling and vocation.You will interview your assigned partner from class via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime and write your paper on your partner. If you feel uncomfortable about being partnered with particular individuals, please let the professor know no later than one week before the paper is due. The Vocation and Calling Interview Paper is worth 10% of the overall course grade.

A Few Words on the Interview: You will notice below that the paper requires particular information. The interviews should focus on those matters. The goal of the interviewer is to listen well and take the kind of notes that would be helpful in writing a high quality paper. Each person should have at least 30 minutes to share and 30 minutes interview and listen. Do not record the interviews.

You do not need to share anything you’re uncomfortable sharing or consider too personal. Please note that if your partner asks you a question or gives an answer that seems inappropriate or crossing a boundary, you can opt to end the interview.

A Few Words on the Paper: A grading rubric is provided below. You’ll notice that a creative title is important for this assignment. You’ll also notice that the following six components need to be included in the paper with each section using the listed amount of words.What is your partner’s name and major, and how did she/he find her/his way to PLNU?

(75-100 words.)What insights did your partner gain from reading/listening to Lecrae Moore’s Unashamed?

(75 – 100 words.)What insights did your partner gain from reading Heath’s Five Means of Grace?

(75 – 100 words.)What kind of life does your partner sense God calling her/him to live? If your partner does not believe in the existence of the God or the ability to interact with God, simply focus on the following question: What kind of life does your partner consider a meaningful life?

(75 – 100 words.)What kind of steps is your partner taking or thinking about taking to embrace that call (or embrace that meaningful life)?

(75 – 100 words.)What did you learn from your partner? (125 – 150 words.)


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