It takes an input of energy to create starch from glucose

1.It has been hypothesized that, if the sun disappeared, all life would end. Otherthan the obviousdrop in temperature, why would humans probably die if the sun suddenlystopped shining?Outline the flow of energy that takes place ,including energy transformations2.It takes an input of energy to create starch from glucose; however, energyis released when glucose is created from starch. Why is this case? Canyou apply a specific law of thermodynamics to explain this ?3.Would ATP be the energy currency of the cell if the phosphate groupsthe cell contains were notcharged? Why or why ?4.Phosphofructokinase is an enzyme involved in glycolysis, which is ametabolic pathway involvedin ATP production. It can be allosterically regulated by both ATP andADP. Why is regulating theactivity of this enzyme important? Predict what will happen to the rate ofreaction when ATPlevels in the cell are high, and predict what will happen when the levelsof ADP in the cell are high.5.A woman suffering from severe dehydration goes into the hospital. Thedoctor tells the womanthat her blood has far too much solute in it and not enough water.Explain how this conditioncould affect the cells of her body and why.6.An accident victim lost a lot of blood and was rushed to the emergencyroom. In the emergencyroom, the first thing the doctors did was replace lost fluids by giving anIV of pure water. But this caused the patient to die. Propose a reasonwhy the patient died.7.What are two major differences between active transport and passivetransport? Please give aspecific example of each that occurs within a eukaryotic cell.


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