Moravian College Official Universal Declaration of Human Rights Questions

Read the Official Declaration of Human Rights. Answer Questions for Discussion 3 directly into Canvas text entry. You do not need to re-type the question but number your answers. Each answer should be at least four sentences in length unless otherwise indicated. The document is also located in Files. A rubric is located in Files.

Official Universal Declaration of Human Rights.pdf

#1 Why did the United Nations General Assembly adopt The Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

#2 What historic events coincided with this action?

#3 Are there any omissions in this official declaration that should be updated to conform to the modern era? How? Be specific.

#4 Which rights surprised you?

#5 Were you aware of these rights prior to reading the PDF?

#6 What rights are currently being violated in the United States?

#7 Were any specific rights violated after the events on 9/11?



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