movie essay


1.You must explain the ‘theme’ of the film in one of the above films.

2.You must use appropriate vocabulary to explain what happened in the film.

3.You must write in the first person singular

4- 4 pages minimum

General Guidelines for the paper

1.The extra credit ‘paper’ must have your name on it.

2.The paper must be type-written on standard letter-size (8.5” x 11”) paper.

3.You must use a font no larger than 12 point.

4.The paper must be in either the font ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Courier New.’

5.The paper must be double spaced.

6.All margins must be no more than 1 and a half inches from the edge of the paper.

7.The pages of the paper must be stapled together.

8.You must number all of the pages. The paper must be numbered sequentially starting from the number ‘one.’

9.There must be fewer than 3 misspellings.

10.There must be fewer than 5 grammatical mistakes (not including misspellings).

11.MLA format

The focus of this paper will be one of the following films.

1.For the Bible Tells Me So (Homosexuality and Religion),

2.Religulous (Comedy, Religion in general)

3.Jesus Christ: Superstar (Christian)

4.The Message (Islam)

5.Ghandi (Hinduism)

6.The Last Temptation of Christ (Christian),

7.Dogma (Comedy, Christian),

8.Bruce Almighty (Comedy, Christian)

9.Kundun (Buddhism)

10.The Ten Commandments (Judaism)

11.The Cup (Buddhism)


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