MTH109 Colorado State Module 1 Segregation of Classes Discussion

Sets help to segregate and group objects. A real-life example of a set is the group of courses required for a specific major to receive Bachelor’s Degree from this university. The grouping or segregation of classes for specific majors is important because the university wants to ensure that the students studying the subject take the necessary classes to be well versed in it.

Share a real-life set. Explain why the set is important and why the elements that make up the set need to be segregated from other elements like it.

Example Set: Nike Running Shoes
Importance: This set is important because Nike makes several types of shoes such as cleats, basketball shoes, casual shoes, boots, and flip flops, for example. If a customer is specifically looking for running shoes, being able to segregate the Nike running shoes from other types of shoes will greatly assist the buyer.

Your initial posting should be 250-500 words.


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