Paul Klee’s Artistic Style discussion

WebMuseum: Famous Paintings exhibition

surf through this web site and search for an artist that fills you with amazement and wonder, one you really like.

Explain his style. How is his style influenced by his culture, personality, period or group to which he belongs? Answer this question based in the written lectures in your Bb content unit one from item 11 to 15. Answer if his work belongs to naturalistic, abstract-representational or abstract non- representational. Answer this part based on the written lectures in your Bb course content; Unit one items 16,18 and 19. Chose one work from this artist, classify the genre and label the work with its name and media.

11. Style

12. Cultural Style

13. Period Style

14. Group Style: artists creates styles bases on the same ideas and use of elements

15. personal: artists have characteristics mode of personal expression


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