PHYC 130 Lab Conclusions; feedback at the end of the semester

Well… you have made it! You worked hard and you puled through an unusual transition to fully online classes that you did not sign up for…. Only this in itself is a great accomplishment! Well done!!

We are concluding one full semester of General Physics lab.

This last lab assignment expects you to turn in your end of course impressions.
Please type max one page of Word document that you upload in Canvas.
Please refer ONLY to the lab part of the course.
In it, you need to answer to the following questions:

1) What was/were the most beneficial part(s) of our on campus and remote/virtual labs and why?

2) Which lab you liked the most over the others and why?

3) Would you recommend this course to other students from Grossmont or other colleges nearby?
If yes, then why? If just maybe then which lab course part would you like a bit changed, and how?

Positive thinking and approaches are valued.
Not more than one page, please. Thank you.


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