Rasmussen College Information Systems Plan Strategies Project

The next part of the course project is preparing a project plan. A project plan will pull all the other activities and documents you created together in to a complete project management plan. You will use information from the project charter and information you gathered from the project team.

Typically, the Project Plan will have the following:IntroductionGovernance (Responsibility of team members)Scope ManagementTime ManagementCost ManagementCommunication ManagementQuality ManagementImplementation and TransitionRisk ManagementIssues ManagementIntegrated Change ControlProcurement Management PlanHuman Resource Management

Prepare at minimum a 2-page Project Plan for the project you selected. Be sure to include all the details so anyone on your project team can understand the goals of the project.

Here is a Project Plan example. By design, this is a very detailed document. This functions as your roadmap throughout the project so detail is necessary. The more you do during this phase the better prepared you will be as a project manager.


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