Rasmussen College Property and Estate Law Planning Paper

The firm has a new client, Alan Alderson. Mr. Alderson had some deeds prepared two decades ago by a previous attorney. He has now gotten into a boundary dispute with his neighbor, who alleges that the legal description in Mr. Alderson’s deed is inaccurate. Mr. Alderson would like his three deeds to be reviewed for accuracy. His deed maps are provided here You should compare Mr. Alderson’s deeds to the following legal descriptions: Beginning at the NW corner Section 23 TSN T5N R3W Base Line and Main. Running thence South 115.37 feet; thence SouthEast 187 feet; thence North 58 feet; thence NorthEast 252 feet to the point of beginning.Beginning at the NW Corner of Main and First. Thence South 56 feet; thence East 10’; thence North 56 feet; thence West 100 feet to the point of origin.Mr. Alderson’s lot is starred in the plat map. His legal description is Lot 19 Maple Crek Subdivision Phase 2, Crighton County. You should prepare a short memo, 2 pages in length in which you prepare a proposed revision to each legal description so that the description accurately describes the properties identified on the maps. Explain why you made the revisions.


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