Revise Your Argument Overview

Revise your Milestone 4 Task 1 essay on the basis of your instructor’s comments.

Your revised argument should include the following:An introduction, which includes a thesis statement, a description of what the essay is about, and a description of how you will go about supporting your own position using ethical theoryA conclusion that summarizes your argument and considers the wider issues at stakeA reference list of your sources in MLA format (as previously given in Milestone 4 Task 1)Submission SpecificationsRevised Argument in a Microsoft Word document named LastnameFirstinitial_M4T3_ReviseYourArgument_PHI1010.doc that includes:Revised submission from Milestone 4 Task 1 in 750 (minimum) words (not including title and reference notes) that contains:An introduction, which includes a thesis sentence, a summary of the project, and reasons to support your positionA conclusion that summarizes your argumentA reference list of your sources in MLA formatReview all comments and suggestions made by your instructor.Revise your argument submitted in Milestone 4 Task 1 on the basis of the instructor’s comments.Make sure your argument is clearly written. It should not contain grammatical or spelling errors.


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