Search Design Program- Technological Advances in Technology

APA Format

Research More than 3 nearest Article

For your term project, you will research and compose an original research paper based upon your choice of topics.

1. You will need to choose a topic area: Lodging, Food Service, Event Planning, Casino, or Travel, then choose either 2a or 2b:

2. a.) Research, select and support your decision on the three (3) leading software programs available. Present your comprehension of the functions of the software. Include a comparison of features, functions, benefits, and implications. Use charts and graphs where applicable. Present your comprehension of the advances of the technology.Explain the strengths and weaknesses.


b.) Research, select and describe the three (3) most significant, recent technological advances.

Describe the long-term and short-term implications

Detail is on the Drop File Word Folder, More than 700 Words.


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