Spanish discussion 2


I chose Paraguay because I have not heard of that country until I took this class. From watching the videos I learned several things about this country, such as it has no sea borders, same as Bolivia, but it has a river, which can be sailed through and get to the Atlantic Ocean. Paraguay is also a country where you can practice adventure sports, such as hiking. The typical beverage of Paraguay is the tereré, which is similar to mate, but drank cold. In Paraguay there are many medicinal herbs, which you can buy at the town marketplace. Paraguay has the size of California, and 7 million people inhabit it, 95% of the population live in the eastern half of the territory, the other 5%, mostly composed of native cultures, live in the west half. The east half is very green and has lots of river, while the west half is a savannah called El Chaco. There are also Mennonite colonies in the west half. Paraguay is a country whose people are both from European and native descent, and thus they speak both Spanish and Guarani, which is the native language. Paraguayans like tourists to learn Guarani language, as they feel proud of their ethnic heritage.


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