STAT 251G Final Project Assignment

For your final project you will be conducting an informal research study. You willdesign the study, gather the data, conduct hypothesis testing, and make conclusions basedon your results. You will write a report to show the results of your study.The following steps should be followed.1. Introduction: Develop a research question that is of interest to you. Discusswhy you chose this topic. Give any background information that you might have.You may use problems from the book as a guide, just change them to fit what youwant to show.2. Population and Sample: Describe the population and how you will select thesample for your study. State the method of sampling.3. Describe how you collected your data. Discuss any problems you might haveencountered.4. Summarize your data by creating graphs and using descriptive statistics.5. Conduct the appropriate hypothesis testing. You may use either the traditionalmethod or the p-value method.Calculate the appropriate statistics (such as mean and standard deviation)Find the test valueMake the decision to reject or not reject the null.6. Be sure to state your hypothesis (both the null and alternate)State the conclusions in terms of your hypothesis.Discuss your findings and any further research that you might like to do, based onyour results. You can be very verbose in this part of your report. Did it turnout the way you thought it would? How can you make your study better? Whatwould you do differently?Grading RubricPointsCommunication:Introduction to your studyDescribe the populationDescribe method of data collectionSummarize the data (graphs, etc.)5-step hypothesis testing:State the hypothesisFind the test valueFind the P-value (or critical value)Make the decisionState the conclusionDiscussion of results and future researchCreativity and NeatnessTotal Score3335555555650Score


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