Stele of Ur-Nammu Art Analysis

Visit the UPenn Museum (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology) and select an artifact that you will describe and analyze in a 4-5 page paper (double-space, 12 size font). Make sure you follow the Chicago Manual of Style in order to be consistent throughout your text. For more information on art-historical writing, use the book

A short introduction about the culture/ country where the artwork was created – include information about the artist if known

2. Describe the subject matter on display. Is it of religious nature, utilitarian, decorative? How was it used? What is depicted? Does the artwork include stylistic elements of that time period/ art movement?

3. Who commissioned the piece? Where was it displayed? What was the cultural context at the time? How did it end up at the UPenn Museum?

4. What is the medium, technique, and dimensions of the artwork? Is it well preserved? Is it intact? Partially reconstructed?


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